Monday, June 22, 2009

Last week was very nice. I went to Atlanta and was able to stay with my sister. It was so great to see her and spend alittle time with her. I also did some accounting work for my brother in law. It was nice to be back in the real world working and very nice to be appreciated for what I was doing!!! I got back Friday night and have been busy ever since. I have been on a cleaning spree lately. I pretty much keep my house clean but I have been wanting to do some additional extra deep cleaning so as I find time I have been doing some of that!!! WOO HOO!!! I love nothing better than a good smelling, clean house! It makes me SMILE!!!

We had Lauren this weekend for Father's Day so that was nice. We sure did and do miss Miranda. She is with her dad for two more weeks so it is mighty quite and sad without her. Lauren mentioned missing her several times this weekend.

I am working on finishing up the inside of the house today and tomorrow will work outside in the yard! It should be good and hot for that! The temps have been right at 100 degrees so it is very hot!!! I will have to get outside very early to get the outside work done :)

I hope everyone is having a terffic Monday!!!!!

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