Saturday, June 6, 2009

WOW What just happened?

I have sat down several times to write this but just couldn't get it all together so here is another attempt:

WOW! Where do I even start! Let's see my health is really really good. I am doing GREAT! I went to the doctor last Monday and she said I was doing GREAT! My only problem has been sleeping and some hormonal issues which we are addressing! Hopefully those will be solved soon!!!

So on to more news.....Well last Tuesday(June 2) my boss called and asked me to meet him for coffee. I went to meet him when I walked in I saw the HR lady sitting there also. I knew something was happening! WEll guess what....I was laid off! :( I had all kinds of emotions....anger, sadness, hurt, etc. etc )I am still dealing with this shocking news. I did get a severance package and I have checked into unemployment so I do have some kind of money coming in! I still just can't believe they did it but I must just move on. I have started working on building my Premier business and I am also working on a few other small jobs here and there. For a while I am going to try to do Premier and work on and off with my brother in law. He owns a CPA firm in Atlanta so I am going to do some work for him. I am very excited about that!!! I am also looking to see what is out there and submitting resumes. I am just trying to find what it is that I want and need to do with my life right now. I still am having such crazy feelings.....everything from anger to feeling like I have let everyone down. I know I did my best and worked as hard as I could but I just sit here and question if I had not gone on medical leave or done this or done that would this not have happened. I know I have to get over that but it is just hard! Todd has been great and very very supportive of this whole situation! I am so thankful to have him!!!

I am trying to get Miranda ready because she leaves to go to her dad's tomorrow. She will be gone for three weeks! I am going to miss her like crazy but I am also very glad she is getting to spend some time with her dad.

I helped with Bible School this week at church. I took pictures and did a Powerpoint each night for the ending program for the day! It was alot of fun and I really enjoyed it!

I have got alot planned in the next month and a half. Next week I got to Atlanta to work, then in the middle of July I got to Dallas to the Premier RAlly, then two weeks later we go to the beach! WOO HOO! I at least have some things to keep me busy!!!

I hope everyone is doing great!!! I plan to update more often!!!


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